Angel Cruz Passionately Fucks Max Carter on

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Viva Barcelona in this new update on Jake Jaxon found a super hottie, Angel Cruz and he’s paired him with the irresistible, Max Carter. Passion and excitement ensue when these two get in front of the camera. See for yourself on


Max was already getting horny just listening to Angel talk. His accent pretty much had Max hooked right away. He was willing to do anything Angel said.


First, of course, was sucking his dick. All the way to the base. Max was definitely not holding back this time. He was hungry for it and he couldn’t get enough of that big dick. Next, Angel wanted a taste of Max’s huge cock as well so they switched positions and Angel sucked Max just as good as Max sucked him. But the fun has just begun.


After a short ass eating session, Max was begging for it. And Angel couldn’t wait to give it to him. There wasn’t much easing into it. Both guys are natural pros. Whether it was missionary, on his back, or riding it on top, Max just couldn’t seem to get enough. Finally, he gave in and as Angel was stroking Max’s cock while fucking him at the same time Max shot his massive load all over his chest. Angel didn’t wait long before covered Max’s chest with a second load and then licki ng it all up and feeding it to Max.




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