Ryan Rose Fucks Zack Randall Who Self Sucks on FalconStudios.com

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This FalconStudios.com update is incredible with Ryan Rose and Zack Randall getting it on in the Falcon Fall Blockbuster Naughty Pines. Bonus points for Zack Randall sucking himself while Ryan fucks him.

Watching the game of naked football that’s being played on the lawn makes Ryan Rose’s cock twitch. Fortunately, Zack Randall is ready to help. Zack leads Ryan indoors — first for drippy cock slurping in the kitchen, then for more serious play activities in the bedroom. After each has his fill of sucking and rimming, Ryan sits on the bed and positions his tool for Zack to ride. Zack grinds his ass onto Ryan’s pole, grabbing his hard on and swinging it like a lasso. Zack’s hairy legs and hole are hot, and the friction of his wild ride generates even more heat. Zack cries out to be fucked hard and Ryan’s perfect ass goes into overtime, thrusting and slamming until Zack’s big dick spews gobs of spunk across his torso. Zack crunches his abs to capture some of the hot cum in his mouth, sucking the final drips off the tip of his own cock. Ryan has a taste of cum as well, and then he shoots his load across their steaming skin.







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