Luke Adams Gets Plowed by Sean Zevran in the Naughty Pines

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This scene from the Falcon Fall Blockbuster, Naughty Pines, gives you some more hot and heavy action in the woods. Sean Zevran and Luke Adams take over the tent and it’s on for some super hot sex with Sean plowing Luke.




At night, the white fabric of a tent that’s lit up from the inside reveals silhouettes of all the action going down: Sean Zevran and Luke Adams abandoned the communal campfire to kindle their own flame. The next morning, Sean’s dick is still hard for Luke. Luke puts his mouth to work again on the fat uncut cock he serviced the night before.



Every so often, Sean pulls Luke up to suck his own precum off Luke’s lips. Luke fucks Sean’s mouth; Sean buries his face between the hard, muscular cheeks of Luke’s ass. Sean signals his intentions by teasing the crack of Luke’s ass with his cock. Luke’s desire to be fucked is met with deep penetration, doggy style. Luke spreads his hole wider, collapsing as Sean drills him into the bed.




Vibrations rock Luke’s entire body as his cock begins to erupt. Sean intensifies the speed and depth of his pounding, pulling his cock out at the last minute to release an avalanche of white cum across Luke’s torso.



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