Stunning Ricky Decker Gets Plowed by Angelo on the Saddle Up Farm

By  |  0 Comments keeps pumping out amazing scenes.  The next from Saddle Up is live now, and it features more hot farm hands getting plowed. This time it’s Ricky Decker, getting rammed by Angelo.


Angelo’s supposed to be watering the field, but he turns his hose on Ricky Decker instead. Soaking wet, they fondle each other’s hard bodies. Ricky pulls Angelo’s thick cock out and starts sucking, his lips stretching to their limit. Angelo sinks to his knees and gives Ricky an intense deep-throating, which really gets Ricky wanting more.




Leaning against the wooden fence for support, Ricky presents his inviting ass to Angelo. Without missing a beat, Angelo gets right to work on Ricky’s eager hole, and the two horny men fuck energetically, first on the fence, then with Ricky reclining on a giant tire. Thick white rivers of cum explode from both their hoses when they reach a scorching climax.




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