Chris Harder & Sonny Stewart Flip Fuck All Day on

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Are you in for an amazing flip fuck featuring young studs on You gotta see this one so you can get a sense of why Cocky Boys is different from other studios. Beautiful men in a beautiful room, having beautiful and dick-raising sex.



Chris Harder really is your all-American guy — the bulging muscles, the dark blond hair and blue eyes, the sparkling smile. And he’s got a really welcoming personality that always makes you feel comfortable. So naturally, French-Canadian bad boy Sonny Stewart was intrigued by him. In fact, the first French phrase he taught Chris was “You’re a really hot guy.”


Their flirting escalated quickly, proving that good chemistry is definitely one thing that never gets lost in translation. Chris was eager to get a hold of Sonny’s nice dick (or “beau penis” as he learned in French) and it wasn’t long before they were swapping blowjobs.



Sonny was first to give Chris a hard pounding. But Chris happily returned the favor, plowing Sonny in missionary and then from behind. After all was said and done, the guys really put their sexual versatility to good use making for the perfect flip-fuck!




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