Sean Zevran Drills Shawn Wolfe in Falcon Edge’s Crave

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Sean Zevran and Shawn (with an H) Wolfe really go at it with power and intensity in this newest update on From Falcon Edge and it’s inventive director, Nick Foxx, this scene and the others from Crave really give you connected and exciting fucking that the Falcon Edge line is all about. Definitely worth a view, or two or three.


Young, hung and hot for each other, Shawn Wolfe and Sean Zevran explore each other’s bodies with kisses, hair pulling and nipple twisting. Both are muscled and scruffy. Their erections are too much for the mesh pouches of their jock straps to contain; whey they pop out, the guys engage each other in mutual masturbation.



Zevran’s chest heaves and his hips thrust reflexively when Wolfe stoops to swallow his cock. Zevran reciprocates by way of a deep rimming that leaves Wolfe twitching and ready to get fucked. The release that’s gathering in their balls rages forth in dual blasts that drench Zevran’s thighs and Wolfe’s face. Wolfe laps it all up: this is what he was craving.





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