Dato Foland Delivers a Bare Fuck to Jimmie Slater

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Dato Foland is a prime specimen and Jimmie Slater is usually an aggressive top, but in the newest update from LucasEntertainment.com, Jimmie switches gears for a stud like Dato.


Jimmie Slater has proven himself to be a take-charge barebacking top in the past, but with his beautifully shaped hole it would be a shame to not see him get fucked hard. Both he and Dato Foland signed as Lucas Entertainment exclusive models around the same time, and Jimmie wanted to get in his pants ever since. Dato likes lean guys, so it didn’t take any convincing: from the beginning Dato and Jimmie can’t keep their mouths off of each other’s dicks, and while Dato sucks on Jimmie he slips a finger in his ass to let him know what’s to come.


Dato turns aggressive and pumps Jimmie’s throat before having him turn around for a detailed session of ass eating and fingering (Dato goes ass-to-mouth without thinking twice). While Jimmie Slater is still bent over Dato Foland takes the chance to hop on and fuck his ass deep and raw. But a truly impressive feat of bareback sex occurs at 21:00 when Jimmie takes a seat on Dato’s cock and you see the bottom’s ass flex as the uncut mean slides deeper and deeper. After a fucking like that, it is no wonder the men shoot their loads as hard as they do!




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