Owen Michaels & Luke Adams in HotHouse.com Premiere of ‘Get Him Down’

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It’s time for a HotHouse.com MMA-style cage match between Owen Michaels and Luke Adams in a win-or-bottom situation. And, the result is completely satisfying…and definitely worth seeing.¬†This is great directing work from Christian Owen at HotHouse.com.



Owen Michaels and Luke Adams are in a full-on, winner-take-ass cage match: the loser of this battle gets fucked! Luke loses the match, and once he hits the floor he must submit to the whim of champion, Owen. Savoring his victory, Owen samples the taste of Luke’s smooth hole. Standing victorious over Luke, Owen unleashes his cock for a sweaty, sticky deep throating.




No time for the hefty boxing gloves to come off, but that doesn’t stop Luke from jerking his hard cock! Owen advances hard and fast to collect his ultimate prize: Luke’s puckered, hungry hole! The fucking is in-your-face and full contact just like the match. Luke’s ass glows red when Owen delivers a hefty slap. Lifting himself up on his shoulders, Luke takes a pile driving pounding from Owen and his champion cock. When Owen shoots, he sprays all over Luke’s cock, balls, and torso, and Luke’s load fires off in ecstatic release.



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