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JP Dubois, the big-thick-dicked, ginger-bushed stud, is one of the hottest stars in Europe and has paired him with sexy Asian spitfire Yoshi Kawasaki in this creative mafia, suit-and-tie story that has the two of them creating a sexual truce between their rival gangs.  The action is steamy and the studs are passionate about creating an alliance like you’ve never seen. Check it out.

Yoshi Kawasaki, the boss of his rival mafia organisation appears on the mezzanine floor and descends the spiral staircase.


Squaring up slowly, they move in for a kiss. It’s one hell of a way to make better relations between gangs! Stripping off the ties and jackets snake over the floor before Yoshi shows JP how much he wants this union. Sucking on his fat cock he gazes up at him to show his pleasure, though JP isn’t going to make this easy, there’s been a lot of bad blood between these two, so he launches into face fucking his rival.




Moving over to the windows Yoshi bends over for the inevitable. JP courteously licks out his hole, only to make his big dick slide in easier. Yoshi makes some incredible groans as he takes inch after inch of JP’s dick again and again. I think these two can come to a sticky deal.



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