Lucas Knight & Davey Brooks in Perfect Timing on

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Lucas Knight has a stalker.  It’s Davey Brooks and he’s about to get what he’s always wanted in ‘Perfect Timing’ from


Every day like clockwork, Davey rushes off to the park to catch a glimpse of the shirtless stud who works out and stretches there. Is it a bit stalkerish? Perhaps. But if you saw how the sweat glistens on Lucas’ muscles, or the way his big cock bulges through tight shorts, you would probably be doing the same. Today, Davey is about to get a much more up-close and personal view of Lucas’ body.


It turns out, the feeling of skin-to-skin contact and being filled by Lucas’ massive, overwhelming cock is even better than Davey had ever imagined. Same time tomorrow?


Time-To-Go-To-The-Park-027Get this and more hot twink action on


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