Hard Friction’s Ass to Grind with Andrew Stark & Brendan Patrick on RagingStallion.com

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Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond always deliver hot connected action between hot guys for their Hard Friction line appearing on RagingStallion.com, and this scene is no exception. ¬†Brendan Patrick and Andrew Stark are so into each other that it feels like they forgot they were being filmed. ¬†Brendan can’t get enough of Andrew’s huge cock, and Andrew is intently focused on pleasing Brendan with it. This scene on RagingStallion.com will keep you transfixed until you blow your load with these two studs.



Brendan Patrick sinks to his knees, eager to suck Andrew Stark’s stunning huge dick. Brendan’s eyes roll back when Andrew clasps him under the chin pushes his co
ck past Brendan’s lips. With long, smooth strokes, Andrew fucks Brendan’s face, causing thick rivers of spit to run down Brendan’s cheeks.




Brendan lies on a table and locks his forearms behind his knees as Andrew’s tongue explores Brendan’s entire body. After deep throating Brendan’s cock, Andrew re-positions and jams his huge cock into Brendan’s ass. The sounds of sex reverberate around the room. Brendan explodes with ropes of white cum while Andrew is still fucking him. At the last moment, Andrew’s pulls out and shoots multiple streams of cum across Brendan’s face and into his mouth.


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