Ryan Rose Fucks Johnny V’s Perfect Ass in Naughty Pines on FalconStudios.com

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One of the most popular¬†scenes from the Falcon Fall Blockbuster, Naughty Pines is now live on FalconStudios.com. Falcon Exclusives Ryan Rose & Johnny V have an intense exchange outside at the Naughty Pines resort, and it’s well worth checking out on the studios’ membership site. These are two world-class performers.



Johnny V is green-eyed, strawberry blond, and solid, with hard-edged muscle definition. One glimpse of him walking naked to the outdoor shower turns Ryan Rose’s cock hard as a rock, and he quickly follows after Johnny. Johnny soaps his ass. Ryan soaps his dick. They lock eyes, confident in knowing that what each has to offer is exactly what the other wants. 55409_12

Johnny’s tongue sends so much pleasure coursing through Ryan’s hole that Ryan needs to grab onto the plumbing to avoid collapsing. Ryan’s mouth gives Johnny’s cock the same hedonistic bliss; then Ryan turns his attention to Johnny’s ass.


No matter how hard Ryan slaps or squeezes, Johnny’s ass is unyielding muscle — except for the deep center, which invites tongue and cock. Ryan fucks Johnny harder, faster, deeper. Ryan barely contains his orgasm until Johnny unloads all over his washboard abs, then Ryan adds his own massive discharge to the collection pooling on Johnny’s stomach.

55409_09Find this amazing scene and more from Naughty Pines on FalconStudios.com

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