Men of Anarchy 1 on with Paddy O’Brian & Gabriel Cross

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In this send up of the hit show Son’s of Anarchy, has brought some of the hottest studs together to put the gay porn spin on what they’re calling, Men of Anarchy.  Paddy O’Brian is the president of one of the rival bike gangs, and he and Gabriel Cross get intimate while their waiting for the other members of their gang to arrive.  Cross takes Paddy’s huge dick with passion in this first part of the new series.




Johnny Hazzard, Sgt. at Arms from The Men of Anarchy, is unable to stop rival gang, The Jackals, from stealing from their headquarters. After a raid and shoot-out, President Paddy O’Brian calls a meeting and the gang decides they have to go on stake out and retrieve what is rightfully theirs. Paddy and Gabriel Cross keep watch and wait for the others to arrive. Gabriel is itching for some action and excitement and he doesn’t care what kind.



While they wait, Gabriel offers to serve the president some special attention. The Men of Anarchy all turn up, but find themselves in a tricky situation.


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