Connor Maguire Fucks Chris Harder on

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We love Connor Maguire, and we love seeing him on especially when the chemistry kicks in. You’ll see it here because Connor is exactly the type of guy Chris Harder likes — he’s tall, muscular, and built like the quarterback on a football team. And Chris is exactly the type of guy that attracts Connor.¬†Catch all the hot chemistry on now.


When Connor’s really into a guy, he always makes the first move, and he locked lips with Chris very early on. They both sucked each other’s cocks, 69’d, and rimmed, before Connor plowed Chris hard up against a window sill.



Chris is very verbal when he’s loving getting fucked, and he was moaning the whole way through with Connor. After the guys fucked doggy-style and missionary, Connor rewarded Chris with a facial he’ll not soon forget!






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