Pedro Andreas and Dato Foland Flip Fuck Bare on

By  |  0 Comments is famous for getting some of the hottest guys and even bringing some of the hottest guys out of “retirement.” It’s been years since we’ve last seen Pedro Andreas in a gay porn movie, but that all changes with his return to the industry. Pedro chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio where he’d make his return, and who better than Dato Foland to welcome him back?


Both Pedro and Dato are strong performers, and the chemistry between the two of them is apparent from the onset of their encounter together. These guys go after each other hardcore, and there’s some fixation on each other’s nipple and armpits.


Dato And Pedro are thick and uncut in the pants and take turns sucking on each other’s cock — after awhile the back and forth gets old, so they take care of it with some 69 action — watch out for it around 10:40. But what we’re really after is the bareback fucking, especially watching Dato Foland take it from Pedro. Can he handle it? Well, around 24:00 minutes into the scene you’ll get to see for yourself. All I’ll say is the look on Dato’s face is priceless. Congratulations on the strong return, Pedro!

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