Paddy O’Brian Pounds Matt Anders in The Forbidden Series on

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That sly Paddy O’Brian has been posing as a priest to lure unsuspecting men into hot sexual situations in The Forbidden on  This time he finds Matt Anders in confession and Paddy reveals all of himself to Mike in a hot pounding next to some wine barrels. is giving it to you hard and hot!




The Forbidden series has Paddy O’Brian once putting on the holy robe and pretending to be a priest. He takes his post in the confessional and is time visited by a non-believer, but someone who just needs to express his feelings. Matt Anders confesses that his boyfriend was not who he thought he was and is playing a role. Paddy understands this and wants to confess but instead gives sympathy to Matt who he finds irresistible. Matt is surprised to see what the priest he has been confessing to looks like and finds himself falling for him.




W atch Paddy Seduce Mike and More on

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