Guard Patrol Oral Orgy on

By  |  0 Comments is famous for putting together some amazing, high-energy orgies through the years, and this one is no exception. And, it’s just the first part! This is the oral orgy, that leads into an even more explosive Brian Bonds Gang Bang! Watch this now, and keep an eye out for the conclusion, coming soon on


Brian Bonds is hunting for cock, and he has a surefire strategy: break into a warehouse staffed by horny security guards with a backpack of stolen dildos. Mitch Vaughn catches the thief, and he’s already getting his cock sucked when Rocco Steele and David Benjamin arrive for backup.



Everyone wants a piece of Brian’s ass. Rocco, with his immense cock, switches places with Mitch while David thumbs Brian’s hole. Adding spit for lube, David bypasses the dildos in favor of the grip of his flashlight. The aroma of cock, balls and sweat just makes Brian even more excited.


When Brian’s ass is good and stretched, the guards present their massive cocks to be serviced. Brian opens his mouth wide and sucks as much dick as possible. He swallows all their loads, plus his own.


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