Colt Rivers and Owen Michaels Outdoor Sex Fest on

By  |  0 Comments delivers one of the best scenes from the Naughty Pines two-part movie. Colt Rivers and Owen Michaels came to Naughty Pines to put the sexual spark back in their relationship, but so far they’ve avoided each other. ¬†This scene captures the moment when the spark is reignited and they go at it with intensity and passion. They’ve been watching all the other hot action, now it’s time for them to have some of their own. Get this and the other Naughty Pines scenes on



Finally, Owen takes matters into his own hand when he finds Colt the voyeur, jacking off while secretly watching a couple of guys having sex. Owen leads the way into the woods, cocks conveniently hanging out, all hard and ready to be sucked. Their mutual oral session is full of slick saliva, and it’s followed by Owen breaching Colt’s ass from behind.



Owen uses his sturdy thighs to deliver a resounding fuck to his partner. Colt’s expressive body language and rising moans clearly show they have recovered their sexual spark. Riding Owen’s cock, Colt ejaculates a thick gusher of cum, then jumps to his feet to catch Owen’s gigantic load in his mouth, which the couple then shares in a sloppy, satisfied kiss.

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