Porn Stars Jesse Jackman & Dirk Caber Get Engaged

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We want to send our congratulations to major studs Jesse Jackman (Titan Exclusive) and Dirk Caber ( Frequent star) who have announced that they are engaged to be married.

The news comes via Jackman’s Facebook Account where he posted the pic below and also said this:

“Dirk and I have a little Christmas Day announcement to make… drum roll please…….WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! It actually happened back in September, but we wanted to tell our families before announcing it to the world, and the first good opportunity to do it in person was over the holidays. We’ll let you know when we settle on a wedding date, but for now we’re thrilled that we’re gonna be adding civil recognition to our already wonderful and successful (and fruitful!) union. Merry Christmas, everybody! #LOVEISLOVE!”

Dirk Caber & Jesse Jackman Engaged

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