Adam Bryant & Nicoli Cole in Mistle Hoe on

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Okay, one last Christmas themed update and this one comes from, where you’ll find Adam Bryant and Nicoli Cole kissing under the Mistle Hoe. Get in on the holiday fucking on

MistleHoeSTG06 - Copy

MistleHoeSTG08 - Copy

Adam Bryant recently moved to the city with his girlfriend and he is looking for a nice Christmas gift for her. At a local market Adam asks for gift tips from the vendor Nicoli Cole. Learning that Adam moved into a new apartment, Nicoli tells him of a mirror he is selling. The men go Nicoli’s to see the mirror. Inside, Nicoli reaches for the mistletoe to steal a kiss. Upset, Adam excuses himself to the bathroom but when he returns Nicoli has stripped down and is hanging the mistle toe over his ass.

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MistleHoeSTG18Visit today for all this and more hot action.


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