Donnie Dean & Seth Santoro Toy and Flip Fuck in Hot House’s Erector

By  |  0 Comments director, Christian Owen, is always bringing us new goodies to watch, and the opener of this scene with Donnie Dean & Seth Santoro attached at the ass by a double-headed dildo is classic  The scene starts there, but ends with a powerful flip fuck .  Hell, they were both ready to take some hot meat with the dildo prep so why not fuck each other!  It’s a feast for the eyes on



Ass to ass! In matching jockstraps, Donnie Dean and Seth Santoro press their cheeks together as they enjoy a double headed dildo together! Backs arched and muscles bulging, they cast each other knowing glances over their shoulders. Donnie reaches back to slap Seth’s ass, and Seth retorts with a smack of his own.



When they’ve done all they can with the dildo, they break apart momentarily, only to reconnect in a steamy 69 position. They expertly use their tongue to swap passionate blowjobs, and when his cock is slicked and lubed, Donnie plows his cock into Seth’s eager hole.


The expressions of sexual pleasure on Seth’s face are so tempting, that Donnie climbs on top to ride Seth’s big, hard cock! Donnie samples both positions again before rolling over and letting Seth sit down on his big cock. Seth jerks out his load while riding Donnie’s cock, then kneels down to lap up Donnie’s cum when it explodes.


This and more Action Awaits…click here to see it all.


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